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Product Details

B2B Industry directories – designed to save you time, money and effort – are available in 3 formats: print, online database, and e-book.

Custom Printer-Friendly Directories

To create your customized printer-friendly directory:

  1. Review points 2-8, then select an industry from the sidebar
  2. Click the green button labelled "Build Your Own Directory" (top left)
  3. Conduct your own search (i.e. All Categories, All Canada)
  4. See your list of companies in the results
  5. Print list, if desired, using your browser print function (output is printer-friendly)
  6. To view your customized directory, click the button labelled "Display ALL Profiles"
  7. To download a PDF, click the green button labelled "View Printer-Friendly PDF" (top right)
  8. Save on your desktop or print as desired.

Industry Directories, Online Database

Both the FREE and FULL versions feature:

  • A fast, online directory at your fingertips
  • Powerful, searchable database
  • Search by keyword, company name, industry categories, and locations
  • Printer-friendly lists containing company name, city, province, tel, fax, and website
  • Customized PDF directories with alphabetical index
  • See the feature comparison for a full list of features.

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The FULL version also features:

  • Ad-free browsing
  • Mail merge to export contact files for Excel, contact managers, etc.
    • Exports contact name, company name, address, tel, toll free, fax, and website
  • A variety of subscription options.

Industry Directories, Hardcopy Print Editions

Our popular print directories include:

  • Articles on current issues
  • Company profiles including contact names, tel, fax, email, and website
  • Corporate data, product / service areas, and paragraph summary
  • Extensive cross indexes so you can find what you need

Select an industry from the sidebar for directory-specific details and pricing.

Industry Directories, E-book Format

Industry directory e-books include:

  • All the benefits of the print editions
  • Clickable website links and email addresses

Select an industry from the sidebar to view the e-book. Note: Flash is required.

Our Exponentially Growing Web Activity

Exceeding industry standards:

  • 400% greater Click Through Rates - CTRs
  • 220% longer Time on Site - TOS
  • 2.0 million page views - doubling annually
  • 1.4 million impressions on web banners - doubling annually
  • 85% of users of desktops rather than mobile indicated B2B office/work use
  • 83,500 - 115,000 readers annually in each print & eZine combination - (title dependent)
  • 8 directory titles covering 3 industry sectors Food, Health & CleanTech
  • eZine readership is 60% Canadian, 22% USA, 13% Asia, 4% Europe

(Sources: Google Analytics, Issuu, AdPeeps, Alexa)

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