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A Renewable Energy & CleanTech Canada Profile

Bellemare Inc.

8750 Industrial Blvd.
Trois-Rivieres QC  G9A 5E1

  • Tel: 819-379-2535
  • 800-567-8654
  • Fax: 819-379-3715
  • Pres: Jean-Luc Bellemare
  • Mktg:
  • R&D:
  • Sales:
  • Est:
  • Rev: $ M
  • Staff: 500+
  • Wind-Energy
  • Solar
  • Bio Mass
  • Transportation

At the transport division of Thomas Bellemare Ltd. we offer a wide array of services such as specialized, general, dimensional & bulk trucking as well as shipping by float or tanker.  We can carry hazardous materials, provide you with an escort vehicle & our transport broking service.  We'll supply you with the vehicle that will suit your needs, choosing from our large fleet of trucks.

Mfg: No   Labs: