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A Renewable Energy & CleanTech Canada Profile

BioFuelNet Canada

201-355 rue Peel
Montreal QC  H3C 2G9

  • Tel: 514-398-7861
  • CEO: Dr. Donald L.Smith
  • CFO: Dr. Xiaomin Zhou
  • Mgmt: Mr. John Marrone
  • Sales:
  • Est: 2012 - Government
  • Rev: $1–5 M
  • Staff: 1–10
  • Bio Energy
  • Bio Fuels
  • Bio Mass
  • Consulting
  • Agricultural
  • Aviation
  • Bio Diesel
  • Bio Ethanol
  • Biogas
  • Engineering
  • Forest Industry
  • New Crops

BioFuelNet Canada is the largest biofuels and bioproducts network uniting multi-disciplinary experts from industry, academia, government and investment working together in a concerted and synergistic way. Our vision is a Canada with a thriving advanced biofuels industry that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.Our mission is to support the growth of Canada’s advanced biofuels industry through  strategic partnerships, coordinated research, innovation, education, and smart policy.

Mfg: Yes   Labs: Yes