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A Natural Health Products Canada Profile

AKSO Marine Biotech Inc.

212 Paul's Point Rd.
Hacketts Cove NS  B3Z 3K7

  • Tel: 902-823-9998
  • Mgmt:
  • Mktg:
  • R&D: Guangling Jiao
  • Mfg:
  • Est: 1983 - Private
  • Rev: $ M
  • Staff:
  • Dead Sea Prdcts
  • Marine Plants
  • Research & Dev.
  • Raw Materials
  • Capsules
  • Antioxidants
  • Immune Boosters

AKSO Marine Biotech Inc., founded in 1983, is a leading dry sea cucumber processing company, one of very few with a long history in Canada. Since 2016, AKSO has been focusing on research and development of bioactive ingredients and natural health products from wild caught Atlantic sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) and other marine materials, which are obtained and processed in a natural and sustainable manner.

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