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A Drug Development & Outsourcing Profile

Advanced Cleanroom Microclean Corp. (ACM)

3250 S. Susan Street, Suite A
Santa Ana CA  92704

  • Tel: 518-450-8889
  • Fax: 714-751-1513
  • Mgmt:
  • Sales: Daniel Brandt
  • R&D:
  • Licng:
  • Est: 1982
  • Rev: $50–100 M
  • Staff:
  • GMP Cleaning
  • Cleanroom Cleaning
  • Cleanroom Testing
  • Environ'l Monitoring
  • Clean-Build Protocol
  • ConstructionCleaning
  • Cleanroom Supplies
  • Cleanroom Inspection
  • Cleanroom Training
  • Cleanroom Services
  • CleanroomCertificatn
  • QA/QC

ACM provides Guaranteed effortless control Guaranteed compliance with its cleanroom cleaning services, janitorial, Certification and Test and development of systems and SOPs in compliance with cGMP, FDA, USP 797, Aerospace, ISO and IEST RPs.  ACM serves cleanrooms in the United States, Canada, China, Africa and worldwide for Compounding, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Electronics, Aerospace, Food, Cosmetic, Solar, Auto, Data Centers and many more industries.

Mfg:    Labs: