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A Canadian Food & Grocery Profile

BINPAK Compactors

23 Craig St., Unit 6
Brantford ON  N3R 7H8

  • Tel: 855-953-5333
  • Pres: Mark Hanson
  • Sales: Susan Brown
  • Mfg: Karl Kleinsteuber
  • Admin: Edie Urbasik
  • Est: 2010
  • Rev: $1–5 M
  • Staff: 1–10
  • Maintenance
  • Ops. Mgmt.
  • Waste Mgmt
  • Containers
  • Material Handling
  • Sanitation
  • Compactors

The BINPAK Compactor is a 6-yard enclosed container with built-in compaction using patented technology.   BINPAK’s low loading height and space-saving design make it the solution for all your waste, cardboard and recycling needs.  BINPAK’s high compaction ratio allows for fewer pickups and reduced truck traffic disruptions, which may provide an overall cost savings.  BINPAK’s unique design keeps odours in and pests out.  Overall, it's safer, simpler, smarter.

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