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A Life Sciences Canada Profile

Acryl Design Inc.

529 Jarvis St.
Winnipeg MB  R2W 3A8

  • Tel: 204-783-6064
  • 888-783-6064
  • Fax: 204-772-5336
  • Pres: John Wardrope
  • Sales: Ms. Margaret Koniuck
  • R&D:
  • Licng:
  • Est:
  • Rev: $ M
  • Staff:
  • Design
  • Medical Device

Acryl Design Ltd is the manufacturing expert in medical plastic OEM parts, devices and enclosures. Our medical division is driven by customers and is focused on quality, precision and functional solutions. We're your company for design assistance, prototyping, short runs and regular production runs. (LS MB)

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