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About Contact Canada

We specialize in the first-hand collection and publication of up-to-date directories, on select industries in North America. Our industry directories are published in print, e-book, and online database formats.

First-hand collection of information involves direct contact with the companies and organizations in the preparation of their profiles in each database. This involves contact by telephone calling, mailing, faxes and email. This process of profile collection and renewal continues throughout the year and involves thousands of organizations.

Contact Canada has become recognized worldwide as an industry leader in the provision of comprehensive, accurate and timely information.

Canadian Industries covered in our directories include:

  1. Canadian Food & Grocery
  2. Natural Health Products Canada
  3. Canadian Seafood
  4. BC Food Processors
  5. Renewable Energy & CleanTech Canada
  6. Canadian Medical Technologies
  7. Canada & USA Drug Development & Outsourcing
  8. Life Sciences Canada
  9. Canadian Cannabis Industry

Fred Haynes Ph.D.
President and founder of Contact Canada

Extensive experience since 1986 as a consultant and information provider, with an initial focus on the life science industry in Japan, Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Israel. Lived and worked as a consultant in Canada, Japan and Europe. Founded Contact International Inc., in 1990. Conducted marketing of information products under the Contact Canada® name since 1993, publishing a series of Canadian industry directories. Operates the international consulting activities under Contact International Inc.

As a consultant Dr. Haynes (Contact International Inc.) has provided expert industry reports to companies in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, the U.S.A and Canada. Corporate clients range from large multinationals to small start-up operations. Government clients in Canada include an extensive number of departments at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels.

Projects have included:

  1. technology evaluation and identification,
  2. market assessment,
  3. research funding,
  4. partnering development, and
  5. commercialization activities.